Kershaw 26-2-1 Ballast Regulator

Manufactured in 1984 Broom, plow (reversible) and hydraulic operated side boxes. Has turntable. New (re-manufactured) Detroit engine installed 5 years ago. All controls were serviced and where necessary, parts replaced. Unit has air intake filtration system for engine. 12-volt electrical system. Weight: 30,000#

1990 W96C E1 Spiker

With nipper; no gauger 3-Man: 2 operators; 1 feeder Will do 600 ties/day 6 spikes/tie Serial #256467 Dimensions: Length: 25′ Width: 9′ 3″ Height: 9′ 6″ Weight: 28,000#

Track Tools Available

a) Stanley hydraulic power pack; two-tool b) Fairmont spike puller with new jaws. Last used on 3-mile take-up; not problems c) Joy 185CFM air compressor with hi-rails; John Deere engine; 2,920 hours on unit; with 4 tamping tools d) 3 each aluminum track jacks e) Rail grinder with flexible hose f) Generator and 4 jitterbugs […]